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About Sprelly

Hi There! This is Sprelly.

We’re here to encourage you to make your PB&J Experience extraordinary! Sprelly elevates the PB&J with designed pairings of our signature gourmet nut butter spreads jellies.

These innovative combinations are supported by an abundance of unique flavor profiles, including new & seasonal flavor concepts.

Sprelly delivers one-of-a-kind taste sensations that redefine how you PB&J – and all you have to do is choose Your Spread… and Your Jelly!

Growth from Grassroots

Proudly founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Est. 2014

Founders Adrian & Casey Silversmith moved to the Fxbg area in 2005 where they both secured jobs for an events promotions company, working together for over seven years. Over those years, they began to plant their roots in the region and one summer day in 2013, The Silversmiths, now accompanied by their two young daughters, decided to have a treat and make a trip to a frozen yogurt shop. Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit was swirling and it was on this visit that the idea for Sprelly was born!

By a miraculous circumstance and just one week later, Adrian’s sales career was unexpectedly cut short. Fearing the impending end of unemployment benefits and not willing to commute on I-95 for another job, Adrian spent months researching and developing his idea between job interviews and eventually pitched his concept at a local entrepreneurial business competition called “The Made in FredVA Business Plan Contest” in October 2013. Local entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their idea on stage to a panel of judges in hopes of winning the $10,000 grand prize.

Adrian’s Sprelly pitch, summed up:
“There should be a chain of PB&J cafes where you can choose various spreads & jellies and make an elevated version of our most beloved comfort food!”

Sprelly won “Crowd Favorite” (but not the grand prize) in an auditorium of 200 people, and that meant the idea had enough steam to convince Adrian to enter another local business plan contest.

This one, called “Start-Up Weekend”, was a 56-hour crunch-fest that birthed various businesses in early 2014. At this event, Sprelly developed its website, social media, and sampled food concepts. And again, Sprelly won “People’s Choice Award”.

Adrian, now with two contests and 2 “People’s Choice Awards” under his belt, had to figure out how to contribute to and help sustain his family, while Casey continued to work her full-time job being the main sole provider. It was at this point Adrian said to Casey, “I think I am going to make peanut butter for a living” to which Casey rolled her eyes with a familiar “here we go again” expression.

He then borrowed some money from his parents, purchased his first nut grinder and taught himself how to make different peanut and almond butters. In the summer of 2014, Sprelly was at local farmers markets selling various flavored gourmet nut butter spreads and introducing itself to the community! The following summer, Sprelly could be found at local farmers markets, events, and festivals stretching from Washington, DC to Richmond, VA and Culpeper, VA to King George, VA, covering a 50-mile radius, with Fredericksburg as its center. The Silversmiths saw their little idea was beginning to grow some legs and they decided to take a new step.

An opportunity arose when a lunch counter space became available inside the Made in Virginia Store in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. On April 2, 2016 (which is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!) the Sprelly Café opened, serving all things PB&J on sandwiches and crepes!

With zero food industry experience between them, Adrian operated the lunch counter while Casey maintained her full-time career during the week. On the weekends, customers could find the Silversmiths and their employees hustling at the local markets or events and serving sandwiches at the lunch counter.

By mid-2017, Sprelly was featured on the cover of Food Service Monthly Magazine, was voted “Best Locally Owned Sandwich Shop” by Virginia Living Magazine, and Adrian was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce! By the end of 2017, Sprelly signed a franchise development agreement with Alexandria, VA – based Fransmart, who is best known for the initial expansion of Five Guys Burgers, Qdoba, Halal Guys, and many other exciting brands. Plans for nationwide Sprelly café development are in progress and in 2019, Sprelly intends to open more café locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A small entrepreneurial pivot was reached in early 2018 when the Silversmiths decided to pursue wholesaling their Sprelly products as a precursor to the café expansion. Their goal is for national distribution of their products and they spent a few months developing their new glass jar concept. By mid-summer, the Silversmiths found themselves showcasing Sprelly at the Fancy Food Show in New York City and from that event, Sprelly was featured in USA Today as a “Top 7 Trendiest Foods from the Fancy Food Show”,, and other national publications and blogs centered around “New and Exciting” food concepts! The new found exposure has humbled and surprised the Silversmiths and they continue to work hard as they balance family, a full time career, a small business with small business struggles, and opportunity for growth!

Letter from Adrian & Casey

August 2018

What started as a fun and simple idea that was pitched at a local business contest, has turned into something that continues to humble us. We cannot believe in under 5 years, the brand recognition for Sprelly has grown to what it is. The life lessons learned in that time have brought us a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but one thing that constantly runs heavy with us is gratitude.

The support of our community has been breath taking. We have plenty of moments in which the daily stresses bear down upon us, like any entrepreneur trying to grow a brand. We might be out grocery shopping or working an event and inevitably, we bump into a friendly face who shares a fun memory of Sprelly. Many customers tell us how they first tried our products or how they introduced their family and friends to Sprelly. It is these moments that make us want to work harder and push through any of those daily stresses, because we see others sharing the Sprelly love and it makes us incredibly grateful!

Sprelly proudly utilizes other small businesses for products and services. As this community grows and continues to support Sprelly, they are also supporting a band of local small businesses that are all involved in helping with the growth of Sprelly. More importantly, and because of this support, we can be involved with local non-profits, charities, teams, and schools. We are very fond of the term, “A rising tide raises all ships” and it has become a core value to our business. It is our hope to keep growing our brand and making our community proud!

Thank you for being a part of Sprelly – you are helping make a positive impact in the community! Help us spread the Sprelly love!

All our love, hope, joy and peace to you!

Adrian & Casey Silversmith