Sprelly is The New Way to PB+J!

Sprelly produces a line of gourmet nut butter spreads and jellies. Each Sprelly Spread and Sprelly Jelly can mix + match in various ways, creating EXPONENTIAL options that elevate your PB+J Experience! All you gotta do is choose your spread and choose your jelly!

But wait! Each individual Sprelly can also be used in a variety of delicious things! Include Sprelly as an ingredient in baking cookies or as an added boost in your smoothie. Try creating a glaze, dressing, or marinade for some of your favorite grilled dishes or salads. Or, just eat Sprelly outta the jar as a snack!

Growth from Grassroots

Made in Fredericksburg

Founders Adrian & Casey Silversmith moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2005 and worked together at the local convention center, selling and organizing various consumer and trade shows. Over the years, they planted their roots in the region and on one summer day in 2013, the Silversmiths, now accompanied by their two young daughters, decided to take a trip to a local frozen yogurt shop for dessert. Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit was swirling, and it was on this visit that the idea for Sprelly was born!
About one week later, Adrian’s long-time sales career was unexpectedly cut short and he found himself looking for work while collecting unemployment benefits. However, during this time, the idea of Sprelly took hold and the Silversmiths began their research. A friend mentioned about a new local business plan competition that was taking place in the fall and the Silversmiths entered their little idea of Sprelly, just a couple of months after that fateful trip for dessert!

Sprelly won the “Crowd Favorite” award in an auditorium of 200 people, and that was enough to convince Adrian to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. Soon after the business plan contest, Adrian said to Casey, “I think I want to make peanut butter for a living”. So, he borrowed money from his parents to purchase a nut grinder and then they taught themselves how to make different peanut and almond butters in their home.
Starting in the summer of 2014, Sprelly was at local farmers markets selling tubs of various flavored gourmet nut butter spreads and introducing itself to the community! The following year, Sprelly expanded to more local markets, events, and festivals stretching from Washington, DC to Richmond, Virginia. By 2016, the Silversmiths opened a sandwich shop in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia that was dedicated to all things PB+J.

Two years and many zigs and zags later, the Silversmiths were showcasing their newly packaged Sprelly products at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. Much to their surprise, Sprelly gained attention from USA Today as a “Top 7 Trendiest Foods from the Fancy Food Show”, Entrepreneur.com as “The 14 Tastiest Things I Ate at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC”, and even received a mention on The Today Show’s website!
The Silversmiths saw their little idea was beginning to grow some legs. Through a few entrepreneurial pivots over the years, the Silversmiths recognized some opportunities for growth and ultimately decided to pursue a better means of packaging and distributing their Sprelly products. In 2019, they made the tough decision to pivot away from sandwich-making to focus on production of their popular jars. Today, the Silversmiths are now shipping their products all over the country and they’re still grinding away at spreading the Sprelly Love!